Coffee and theology (part 1)

I enjoy coffee. My favorite method is the Kone mark 3. The Kone is a steel cone with fine, lasered holes that allows even extraction of the coffee grounds. It is my method of choice not only for the taste, but because I enjoy watching the coffee ‘bloom’ and taking in all the different aromas.

I fill the kettle with filtered water and switch it on. I then begin take 33g of freshly roasted beans (normally within a week of being roasted) and grind using my Porlex grinder. As I finish this the water boils. I use this to preheat the kone and decanter before ensuring the temperature is optimum (between 192 and 202F) for brewing coffee.

The decanter is emptied into two mugs and the fresh grounds are placed in the kone atop a digital scale.

I pour in around 50g of water and allow the grounds to bloom. They come alive as gases are released. After a moment I turn to my pouring jug (now holding the once boiled water) and pour over the grounds in a steady spirals until 510g of water has been reached. I wait a moment for the water to pour through.

The mugs are emptied of their water and filled with delicious, delicate coffee.

The Kone and decanter are cleaned immediately with water and occasionally non-scented detergent.

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