Thoughts on prayer and how technology has changed it…

Until recently I lived in the city where cell phone signal was amazing- apart from in my home. I would regularly receive text messages a week late, or suddenly find 7 voicemails that I had not been notified of. I moved to a rural community and unsurprisingly things have been the opposite of better…

There are angry conversations* that are becoming more common and go somewhere along these lines:

“Why didn’t you reply to my message”

“I left a message on your Facebook wall- I can’t believe you didn’t respond”

“… I text you”

“… I tweeted you”

“… you would have seen my missed call”

Something has shifted. Technology has now given us the presumption that ‘they know I called’ and a lack of a timely response agitates and breaks friendships.

I remember a time when phones would ring and ring… There was no answer machine to leave a message.

I am not calling us to go back to the good old days, but as I reflect on conversations with friends I can’t help but notice how this impatience has crept in to our spiritual lives.

“I prayed, but you didn’t answer”

We are no longer persistent in prayer, because we presume God will get the message. God is now at our beck and call because we presume the message (prayer) as ‘read’. Because we presume the message as ‘read’ we follow the same line that stretches our other relationships and our feelings are hurt.

We give up.

We walk away,

or worse…

Where prayer was once meant to connect us with the Creator and change us, transforming us- we instead change our ideas of the Creator.

We dismiss God as untimely.

We dismiss God as uncaring or

We dismiss the very notion of God at all.

For those who are patient I pray for more patience and thank you for your example to me.

For those who have been hurt, I pray for healing and understanding.

For those who have stopped believing I pray for a fresh encounter…

*disclaimer- the majority of my friends are very understanding-especially after a visit to my house. The conversations I refer to here are of a pastoral nature or commonly overheard on any high street/public transport…

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