The cockroach and the jellyfish.

I read a great deal about the organic church. I have been an advocate of the process for some time. I use process deliberately instead of model.

As the idea becomes more fashionable as a church-growth model it continues to impose an idea of how things will be when the the fledgling church ‘matures’. But what if the church is not on land, but in an ocean, and it doesn’t walk on two legs, but more like a jelly-fish?  I am not against structure, but our western and Cartesian view continues to presupposes it is ‘our structure’ that allows for the growth of the Church.

Size is also an important factor. Not all congregations are meant to be large. We are too often focused on being big rather than fulfilling our purpose. If we truly hold on to Romans 1:20 we will see the small congregation is as important to the church ecosystem as the the cockroach is to us humans.

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