Apple know how to gospel (haptic theology/missiology)

I came across this post detailing how Apple set all their notebook screens to 70 degrees before the store opens. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most prominent seems to be that they want you to touch their computers. Why do they want you to touch them? I believe there are two reasons.

The first reason is they believe in the quality of their products. They seem convinced if you touch their MacAir or iPad… If you hold it for just a moment you will understand exactly what it is they are offering…

The second as I’ve already hinted it… is the need to touch it. Touch creates a connection, a relationship between you and whatever is in your hand. It is the same for gospeling and discipling. Those that disciple must be continually reminded it’s about touch first and explain later.

At some point we moved to ‘explaining God’ before experiencing the Creator. We became the authority and put ourselves before the Divine. If you want someone to learn about what being a follower of Christ is lead them in that life, let them experience the Gospel… and then… maybe… explain it.

[nb I will say my knowledge of haptic theology is limited to the insights Pete Phillips has brought me. I have no authority in it, but merely wondered if such an anecdote was applicable to it.]

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