The shape of discipleship

Over the last few years it has been my privilege to disciple numerous students and young adult believers toward a Christ centred life. The forms and methods of discipleship have varied from person to person as has the ‘content’.
I have drunk eagerly from the now overflowing fountain of discipleship tools. They have been useful, but now on reflection they are little more than motivational tricks. I don’t want to deny their usefulness as a catalyst, but all too often they seem to usurp the bible in authority for many of the practitioners.

Discipleship needs to be more than an external process. Now may be the time we recognise discipleship has far more to do with the inward process (the spiritual life) of the one discipling than any of the
clever tricks we employ toward the disciple.

Richard Foster speaks about the integrity with a which a prayerful person speaks. In doing so he inadvertently highlights the simple truth that for all our events and programmes geared toward a cognitive discipleship what matters most is our relationship with God.

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