The story has no ending…

I grew up with adventure books.

Books where you could determine the outcome of the story.

At the time and as a seven year old I thought these books were amazing. I could interact with the characters- I could change things.

As I reminisce I realise how limited these texts were. I was always the good guy. The outcomes were limited and ended with victory or defeat. The fight was always against good and evil.

When i compare that to today’s interactive texts and games with unlimited outcomes and the ability to become truly lost and entangled in a world that grows and changes shape with you.

I am not envious for my sons who are already beginning to play in these ways. For them play and story is no longer about the outcome, but about what happens within the story. Both real life and play are now about developing character- like other social media it’s about building a reputation and voice that deserves to be listened to- rather than where the story ends… because they already know the story doesn’t end.

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