Mark his words: my reaction to Mark Driscoll

Much has been said concerning Mark Driscoll’s comment on British preachers and church leaders.  Being a slow thinker I thought I’d give my full response once the dust had settled.

When I read the article that contained Mark Driscoll’s challenge to the UK Church to stop being cowards I wondered why comments made over 6 months ago were causing such a fuss. I was not aware of a podcast interview he had done more recently. His words were practiced and considered. He had used almost the exact phrases at an Acts29 event on the 5th May in Birmingham, UK.

Even though I would consider myself somewhat reformed in my theology I rarely see eye to eye with Driscoll; neither do I see eye-to-eye with him on his disparaging on young male leaders. My issue is his inability to stand by his own words. 

As the backlash has ensued with magazines pulling outs of interviews it appears Mark’s publishers suggest he write an apology. What we got was not so much an apology but a fist full of excuses for his commentary on current church leaders and a jab at the interviewer. 

Pastor Mark could have fired  a response to many of his accusers- a simple “show me”.  I shun the cult of celebrity yet know a preacher who is truly making waves for the kingdom of God in the UK could not remain out of the limelight however much they shunned it.  Such shyness would be used by the twisted British media itself to create narrative and biography. We could have thrown leaders and church programmes at him and he could have answered “not enough… Not good enough!”

Instead we find a coward masquerading as a bully calling the UK church leaders a bunch of sissies (my paraphrase)in the hope somebody will buy his books.

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