On the new minimalism…

I am addicted to minimalism and simplicity blogs. Amusingly they are one of the few things I collect (in my bookmarks tab). I am also fascinated by the idea of minimalism. I am attracted to it though I am nowhere near achieving anything like it.


I wonder if the new minimalism is a reverting back to a child-like state.

When I was a kid I had books and clothes and photos and gadgets and things- we all did, but they were in our parents house so we didn’t really notice them. They were there. We didn’t always see them. Often (though not always) one of my parents would help me search for what I wanted and pull it out for me.

Fast forward twenty years or so and google, Microsoft, apple (with iCloud) and a host of other companies now take on the role my parents had. I still have all that ‘stuff’ but the nature of it has changed. I still have all those books, photos etc, but their physicality has changed. I still have all those gadgets- but they now come in one handy iPhone pack. It is my typewriter. It is my games console. It is my camera and sometimes it’s my phone. Is that not some kind of quasi-minimalism?

“Hold this for me, dad!”
“Mam- I can’t find my homework!”

In a spiritual sense maybe my parents and the house of my childhood has become an iPhone backed up to the cloud? If that is the case then nothing has really changed.

Any thoughts?

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